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School Council

We welcome the new school council members for this term. They are:


In my primary school I was deputy head girl and I understand how important this role on the school council is. I hope to be a good role model for all the pupils in year 7 and make sure that all their voices are heard in meetings. As pupils’ well-being is so important, I hope to make pupils feel happy in school even if it just smiling at some you don’t know to brighten up their day. Kindness is essential to making our school a happy place.

“Working hard is important, but there is smoothing that matters more: Believing in yourself”- Harry Potter.


The school council role is really important to me because it allows the voice of young people like me to be heard. It also means we have an input into school decisions that affect us all.  I was voted in because I am confident and reliable. I take my role very seriously and I will make sure that I do what is needed for my fellow pupils in the school. Thank you very much for this opportunity.


I take this role very seriously because it is a very important job to have. It allows me to help improve the school and help my other classmates have their voice heard. I hope to achieve confidence and better communication skills through this role and I’ll try to make everyone in the school as happy as I can.


I am so proud to be a part of the school council as I feel that I can express the needs and wants of all my fellow classmates. I want to help the school be the best it possibly can be and I look forward to what we are going to be doing this year to improve the school for everyone.


I am extremely excited and happy to be on the school council. I will take my role seriously to ensure that we, as a school council, sort out the issues that our fellow pupils have told us about. I aim to make our school a better place ad increase everyone’s wellbeing in a positive way. I think I was voted in as I am quite easy to talk to and I enjoy debating and getting my views heard.


I am extremely grateful for my friends for giving me the opportunity of being on the school council. I will try my hardest to improve this school. I joined the school council because I felt that there are many serious issues that I feel haven’t been addressed enough. I will try and be easy to talk to so that I can hear as many people’s opinions as possible.


Being a school councillor is a tremendous opportunity. At the beginning, I was not expecting it. I did not think I would be voted on, but shockingly, it turns out I did. That is why it makes me want to work harder because people in my year group have trusted and believed in me. It means I am representing them and I will promise that their views will be heard. This opportunity has made me believe in myself more and I am truly thankful. I wish to achieve high standards for my year group and school, be loyal and trustworthy, and finally do my year group proud.


I take my role on the school council very seriously because people have trusted me to try and make the school a better place. I hope to try and make the school a place where all personalities flourish and grow. I want to try and ensure no one ever feels alone and continue to make the school a place of warmth and safety. I think people voted for me because I am very responsible person who can be easily approached. I am willing to talk about any topic; no matter how sensitive or controversial it may be. Therefore, if you want your voice heard, come to me and I will assure it is.


Here at Bryngwyn School, I am going into my final year, and I am grateful that I was chosen to be head boy. This is such a sought out role that needs to be taken seriously and I intend to do just that. It is a role that has the potential to help change areas of the school, be it the physical features, or policies surrounding areas such as mental health and well-being. I put myself forward and was voted for by my classmates and I am proud to represent our year group.


I am so grateful to be Head Girl of Bryngwyn and this means that I am part of school council. Pupil voice is so important and school council is a great opportunity to get your views across. We have a crucial role to play in making sure everyone’s voices are heard. School council is great fun, and also an opportunity to get things off your chest. It is a fantastic opportunity and I would recommend this role to everyone.